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Message of Chairperson & Managing Directors

Nature’s Treat Foods Pvt. Ltd. has introduced food products such as Pickles, Chutneys, Murabba, Papads, etc. For the first time ever, many of these products are inspired by the principles of Ayurveda and Naturopathy which are the foundation for health and wellness since centuries.

Nature’s Treat came into existence with a thought to revolutionise the world of pickles and transform how pickles are perceived. Nature’s Treat provides quality products using high-end ingredients and superlative hygiene standards.


To make Nature’s Treat synonymous with healthy eating and living without compromising on the taste and flavours Mission To Have a Nature’s Treat Product in Every Household. Nature’s Treat focuses on giving you a flavour-rich experience along with checking all the points of your diet sheet. The oil free, low salt and sugar-less products are crafted to honour your body, mind & soul and to keep intact the traditional food habits.

Nature’s Treats Products

Amba Kachi Haldi Pickle in Sabudana Water (Oil free) Benefits of Amba haldi

• It is an aromatic tonic,
• Stimulant
• Protects skin from wrinkles an anti-aging supplement
• Amba Haldi also has the medicinal properties so it is widely used in medicine.
Benefits of Kachi haldi
• Kachi Haldi as Anti - Allergy Herb
• Kachi Haldi as Pain Reliever
• Kachi Haldi Resists Congestion due to Cold
• Kachi Haldi as a Wormicide
• Kachi Haldi as Female Tonic
Benefits of Sabudana Water
• Improves bone health
• Keeps blood pressure under control
• Helps give your energy levels a boost
• Prevents birth defects
• Helps muscle growth

Nature’s treat research made us combine haldi with sabudana water not only to give above benefits but also to take away the bitterness of haldi through sabudana as its natural taste is sweet. We have balanced the pickle keeping the nutrients intact of the queen of spices “haldi”.

Green Chilli Pickle in Barley Water (Olive Oil)

• Barley water reduces acidity.
• Made in Barley Water (Barley is whole grain rich in vitamin B-complex, iron, Calcium,magnesium, manganese, selenium, zinc, copper, protein, amino acids, dietary fibre, beta-glucans and various antioxidants).
• it helps you maintain clear and glowing skin.
• Barley contains a compound called azelaic acid that is used to treat mild to moderate acne.
• It also helps reduce inflammation associated with skin breakouts and prevents clogged pores.
• Olive oil provides the purest fat obtained and in it bacteria cannot live.

Nature’s treat further research made us combine green chilli with barley water which control hotness of chilli seeds and remove acidity along with above benefits. By adding water keeping low salt content (7%) and using negligible oil like mustard and olive oil (8%).

Peppermint Garlic Pickle (Oil Free)

PeppermintKeeps away from harmful bacteria and fungi, help improve your memory skills and concentration power, Stimulates the digestive system.

Used Ayurveda spiceswhich are medicinal in nature (Ajwain, turmeric, javitri, cloves, Dalchini, Jaiphal, Pippali Jaggery) Ajwainmay help increase the digestive function, anti-bacterial and antifungal properties, anti-oxidants. Clove Fighting against cancer, protecting liver, Controlling diabetes, Clove providing aid indigestion. Dalchini is also used for cleaning and healing of tuber-colloid ulcer, Dalchini is used in neuraldebility and paralysis. Javitri& jaiphalhelps control heart rate and blood pressure.

Pippali reduces excess body weight, it improves the flow of oxygen.

Nature’s treat further research has created first time Garlic pickle to be made Ayurvedic with no oil and sugar by adding peppermint the odour is taken care of by giving mint taste. It’s become pure medicine after a year because of its high condiments along with its above benefits.

Mango & Chana Pickle in rice Water
• Rice WaterRegulates body temperature.
• Cures and prevents constipation.
• Prevents gastroenteritis.

Nature’s treat further research the mixing rice water in mango pickle with Chana, works as temperature regulator.

The ayurvedic benefits of rice water balances the hotness of mango due to its cold nature. The effect gets neutralised giving to a shine in pickle without adding artificial colours.

Heeng Mango Pickle (Oil Free) Heeng

• It reduces acidity
• It is used to combat respiratory disorders
• It lowers your blood sugar levels
• It helps to control high blood pressure
• It protects against cancer

Nature’s Treat further research heeng added mango pickle with no oil first time even create a very healthy pickle.

Its regulates blood sugar level, colic pain, diarrhoea and acidity, extremely tasty for all group ages.

Tomato Garlic Multipurpose Chutney Garlic

• Helps in cold and flu.
• It works as a blood cleanser and clean your system internally.
• It is good for heart patients to reduce their cholesterol level.
• Prevents from Cancer.
• Works as Antiaging agent.

• presence of chromium in tomatoes help to reduce blood sugar level and Diabetes. Nature’s treat researchof our multipurpose chutney which has the property to convert into south Indian (Mysore masala dosai) North Indian (Rajma, Malai paneer, mutter paneer& Dal Tadka) most interesting &Chinese hot garlicsauce, also can served individually never been made before that’s why called mystery chutney.

Black Lime Sweet & Sour in sugarcane juice (Oil Free) Sugarcane juice
• Effective against cancer.
• The nutrient mixture.
• It is hygroscopic it speeds up healing, growth of healing tissue and dries it up.
• Honey acts as a sedative and is very useful in bed wetting disorders.
• Honey is very good antioxidant which restores the damaged skin and gives soft, young looks.

Nature’s Treat further research sweet and sour lime pickle with sugarcane juice and honey which has combined effects against cancer, healing tissue and dried it as well as good antioxidant and nutrient mixture.

Indo Thai Red Chilli Pickle with Lemongrass
• kid that has been helping mankind in treating innumerable diseases
• Treatments for treating kidney infections, headache, problems with connective tissues, weak immune system and depression.
• Lemongrass possesses anti-hyperlipidemic and antihyper cholesterol emic properties that support healthy cholesterol levels.
• Lemongrass is effective in treating various types of cancers without affecting the healthy normal cells of the body.
• It reduced blood pressure, reduced hypertension.
• It contains a considerable amount of iron which directly helps in the treatment of anaemia.
• Reduce acidity.
• Chhuhara can help get rid of alcohol intoxication.
• Chhuhara alleviate depression and also enrich breast milk.
• Chhuhara are useful in relieving respiratory distress.

Panjabi Marwari Mix Pickle in Bajra water
• Anti-diabetic effect
• Helps prevent cancer,
• Helps digestion,
• Bajra contains niacin, (a vitamin that plays a crucial role in lowering cholesterol level)

Nature’s Treat research Panjabi Marwari Mix Pickle combine Bajra water improve digestion, reduces cholesterol and diabetes and combined with carrot double the shot of reducing cancer, made with healthy oil like olive and mustard oil (8%) and low salt level (7%), generally used in home.

Kair With Mango Pickle
Usefull in diseases like:-
• It has pungent and bitter taste

Onion Laccha With Mango Pickle
• The phytochemicals in onions along with their vitamin C help improve immunity.
• Onions contain chromium, which assists in regulating blood sugar.
• For centuries, onions have been used to reduce inflammation and heal infections.
• A powerful compound called quercetin in onions is known to play a significant role in preventing cancer.
• Onions scavenge free radicals, thereby reducing your risk of developing gastric ulcers.
• Those bright green tops of green onions are rich in Vitamin A, so do use them often.

Strawberry Jam With Honey
• Boosts immune system
• Reduces risk of eye related ailments
• Helps maintain normal blood pressure
• Lowers risk of arthritis, gout and cancer
• Helps regulate proper functioning of nervous system
• Prevents heart diseases and reduces cholesterol
• Folate, Potassiu, Magnesium and Fibre which helps overwhelming health benefits.

Thick Cut Orange Marlmalade With Honey
• Low in Calories
• Low in Sodium
• Provides Vitamin C
• Contains No Fat

High Bee Pollen Eucalyptus Honey
• Pollen in Honey Contains all 22 Amino acids 28 Minerals
• 11 Enzymes
• 14 Fatty acids & 11 Carbohydrates
• Honey is good for heart, anemia, lungs, skin, irritating cough oral diseases
• Eyes stomach and anti ageing
• Folate, Potassiu, Magnesium and Fibre which helps overwhelming health benefits.

High Bee Pollen Multiflora Honey
• Pollen in Honey Contains all 22 Amino acids 28 Minerals
• 11 Enzymes
• 14 Fatty acids & 11 Carbohydrates
• Honey is good for heart, anemia, lungs, skin, irritating cough oral diseases
• Eyes stomach and anti ageing
• Folate, Potassiu, Magnesium and Fibre which helps overwhelming health benefits.

Comming Soon
Dates and ginger in coconut water & kokum Ginger
• Ovarian Cancer Treatment
• Maintains Normal Blood Circulation
• Heartburn Relief
• Cold and Flu Prevention and Treatment
• Dates are free from cholesterol and contain very low fat.
• It helps improve the digestive system.
• Dates have high iron content and are very useful in treating anaemia.
• Cures abdominal cancer.

Coconut Water
• Increases moistness of skin.
• It acts as a body coolant.
• It is easily digested and instantly energizes body
• It quenches thirst.
• It normalises aggravated vata and pitta.
• It cleanses body and bladder
• It acts a good appetizer.

• Kokum for Constipation.
• Resolves the problems of acidity and hyperacidity.
• Kokum used as an Anti-oxidant.

Nature’s Treat